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Asset management plays a significant role in the successful delivery of hard and soft facility management services. It also goes hand in hand with planned maintenance. The process involves understanding the working condition and location of all equipment. It then informs budgeting processes by helping to determine the total costs of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) of each asset. Enabling businesses to decide whether an asset should be repaired, replaced, or disposed of.

Asset management also consists of asset tracking. Aroona Solutions assists in electronically tagging equipment such as laptops and tools for tracking and monitoring purposes. By keeping track of assets, facility owners can ensure employees and occupants have access to equipment when they need it.

Aroona Solutions provides the following services:

  • Asset management planning and scheduling

  • Digital asset management (DAM)

  • Fixed asset management

  • IT asset management (ITAM)

  • Enterprise asset management

  • Financial asset management

  • Infrastructure asset management

2022 Minor works completed at RMAF Butterworth Malaysia
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