IT and Cyber Security Services

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Providing reliable and affordable managed IT support and cyber security services to businesses across South East Asia. 


Based in Kuala Lumpur, we are experts in identifying and delivering flexible cyber solutions that scale and adapt to your business demands, empowering your business to do more, secured, faster and with less effort and cost.


Managed IT services are about more than just the cost of the hardware and software that you use to do your work. It is also about maintaining the equipment for peak performance and ensuring that it is secure against cyber threats.



SCADA can improve efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and waste and give you greater control over disparate systems. In short, SCADA systems receive data from various inputs, process it, and display and act on that information. This automated ingestion and processing of data makes SCADA an essential component across nearly every industrial automation process.  


Our team at Aroona Solutions has extensive SCADA systems experience in the following industries:


  • Oil and Gas (pipeline monitoring and control; remote equipment and asset monitoring and control of production, pumping, and storage locations; offshore platforms and onshore wells; refineries, petro-chemical stations.

  • Water and wastewater (water treatment centers and distribution; wastewater collection and treatment facilities).

  • Utilities (electrical power distribution from gas-fired, coal, nuclear; electrical power transmission and distribution).

  • Agriculture and irrigation.

  • Military and defense forces.

  • Manufacturing food and beverage.

  • Pharmaceutical.

  • Telecommunications.

  • Transportation.

As your provider of SCADA services, our goal is to get your SCADA systems running so smoothly, that you forget we’re even there.



Cyber intrusions and data breaches continue to grow with year on year increases in both frequency and amount of data and records compromised.

  • Critical incident response team

  • Immediate response incident management.

  • Business recovery solutions.

  • Attack attribution investigation and assessment.

  • Digital forensics.

  • Expert analysis and evidence for litigation support.

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  • The more you know about your vulnerabilities and security controls, the more you can strengthen your organisation with effective procedures for governance, risk and compliance (GRC).


  • Our cybersecurity advisory services include but are not limited to the below:


  • Strategy consulting.

  • Security management with assessments of your sensitive data, critical infrastructures and applications. 

  • Define and implement the right strategy, target operating model and GRC structure. 

  • Ensure your security design and operations support your strategic objectives and business continuity. 

  • Planning with a cybersecurity strategy as part of your digital transformation program.

  • Ransomware and cyber extortion consulting



Our diverse team of experts can find the weak spots in your critical assets and take corrective action before attackers exploit them to sabotage your business or steal your confidential data.


  • Penetration testing (Wireless, IoT, PCI DSS, mobile and web app, network, external and internal, remote working and phishing).

  • Red teaming. 

  • Threat simulation.

  • Response planning and table top exercising.

Our baseline security assessment checks the following systems at a minimum within your organization:

  • Email security.

  • Endpoint security (desktops, laptops etc.).

  • Network security.

  • Mobile device security.

  • Data security.

  • Operating system and app security (Cloud etc.).

  • Operational security (OpSec).

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While your specialists work hard to ensure the security of every network component, a single vulnerability can offer an open door to any cybercriminal intent on gaining control over your information systems. No one is immune: however effective your security controls, you can become a victim. 


See below additional services we offer:

  • Maritime cyber security services.

  • 24x7 security operations control centre (SOCC).

  • Cyber capability education and training. 

  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) program.

  • Backup and disaster recovery.

  • ISO 27001 implementation and certification.

  • Identity and access management.

Please contact us directly for information regarding further cyber intelligence services our team can provide to protect you and your assets.