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Calibration of offshore ancillary equipment encompasses gauges, pressure relief valves, torque wrenches, and load indicators. These are required on a periodical basis.


  • Like NDT inspections, calibrations are also required on a regular basis by API and class societies, this particularly applies to pressure testing of critical gauges and relief valves. Additionally, our torque wrenches are calibrated on an annual basis to meet OEM and Class requirements.

Aroona Solutions' aim is to provide a total integrated solution to any MODU’s calibration needs. Our experienced teams can be mobilised for a variety of scopes if required by the client in various locations.

Our most recent development is the ability to calibrate load indicators with our load cells being able to cater for up to 500 MT. These can be hired out as individual units on a day rate basis.

Please speak to our friendly staff for further information.

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