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Aroona Solutions' team has the experience to streamline and execute the process of overhauling drilling and top sides equipment, whether it’s onboard a vessel, yard stay or in remote locations.


Equipment includes:

  • Crown sheave clusters

  • Top drives

  • Draw works

  • Racking systems

  • Rotary tables

  • Iron roughnecks

  • Mud manifolds

    • C & K

    • Standpipe

    • Cement

  • Pipe and/or riser handling equipment

  • Cantilever systems

  • Ballast systems

  • Deck and gantry cranes

  • Deck and man rider winches

  • Anchor winches

  • Mud pumps

  • Shale shakers

  • Mud pit agitators

  • Bulk handling systems

  • Well test areas and flare booms

  • Riser and BOP trolleys

  • Reels

  • High pressure air systems and control skids

  • Riser tensioners

  • Nitrogen generators

The drilling equipment list is utilised by the entire O&G industry which includes land and jackup vessels. The top sides equipment typically refers to semi-submersible and drill ship units, the machinery situated above the water line of a vessel. This machinery is used to support drilling operations and the handling of equipment.

Drilling and topsides equipment is vast and varies from vessel to vessel, in many cases specific to the contract requirements. Additional assets apply with semi-submersible and drillship units which will include riser and BOP handling equipment.

In collaboration with a vessel’s maintenance system and the individual assets equipment history, work packs are constructed to assist with the required task/s.

Contact us for further information regarding the experience of our personnel and company track record.

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