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Rope access and NDT services are commonly intertwined and is often utilised for derrick inspections and NDT. It is not uncommon for moonpool operations to require these services.


The four types of NDT services offered are:

  • MPI – Magnetic Particle Inspection is commonly used throughout the industry and is required on a regular basis.

  • UT – Ultrasonic Testing is also used extensively, and our units allow for the protective coatings not to be removed.

  • UV – Ultraviolet Inspections provides high contrast indications on the component anywhere particles collect, and this services is often requested.

  • PAUT – Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing allows for inspections to be conducted sometimes without removing a component, particularly useful for sheave pins. A test piece (spare pin) is required for data collection and any anomalies can be accurately gauged when testing the pin in service.

The requirement for third party approved NDT coinciding with derrick inspections is again a common practice within the oil and gas industry. NDT inspections and also required for lifting gear as per the lifting gear register onboard the vessel.

Aroona Solutions' supporting services are qualified and experienced to do so onboard the vessel. Strict QHSSE procedures are adhered to for personnel working aloft and any inspections required.

Our NDT teams are well equipped and can execute MPI, UT, UV and recently phased array ultra sonic testing (PAUT) services. PAUT is relatively new to the industry and allows for less intrusive inspections to take place.

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