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Aroona Solutions' goal is to reduce both time and the SPS costs associated with getting vessels back on contract.


  • Complete SPS project management

  • Team discipline managers specialising in their fields of expertise

  • Specific services provided to support work scopes

  • Condition assessments and associated maintenance history of equipment

  • Parts orders and anticipated lead times

  • Detailed discipline work scopes

  • Planning of timelines to execute combined scopes

  • Several scheduled client meetings with updates and milestones

Special Periodical Surveys are executed in conjunction with classification societies typically every 3, 5, 10 and 15 years. These intervals consist of periodical through to renewal surveys which class are required to witness.

Working closely with class, OEM’s and third-party alternatives, Aroona Solutions will tailor each SPS to meet the needs and situation of every client. This is achieved through the management of agreed milestones and incorporating onshore workshop support and services.

If a client owns capital spare assets or through the use of Aroona Solutions spare parts, target dates often prove favourable.

Annual surveys are intended for establishing ship compliance to the conditions determined by class. This includes checking the operation of machinery, devices and installations are covered by meeting the requirements stipulated for the classification and construction of sea-going ships.

Intermediate surveys are additional surveys beyond annual surveys. These may be surveyed either during or between milestone intervals.

Special periodic surveys are carried out in conjunction with reinstatement/retaining of class; changing of class notation, type/subtype and ship's other characteristics; emergency occurrences and transits/ relocations.

The Aroona Solutions management team are highly experienced in complete SPS management and have a proven track record of on-time delivery, cost saving and performance. Details available on request.

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