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Subsea and well control equipment is required to meet extra specifications and standards. These pieces of equipment are audited by the class societies. Aroona Solutions has the expertise to ensure all required standards are met to keep this critical equipment certified and operational.


All major brands such as Cameron, HMHW/ Hydril, and NOV/ Shaffer.

Equipment includes but is not limited to:

  • BOP stacks

  • BOP control systems

  • Acoustic systems

  • C & K manifolds

  • Standpipe manifolds

  • Well test area valves

  • Diverter systems

  • Mud gas separators

  • Design reviews and upgrades

Blowout preventers, control systems, choke and kill manifolds, riser and riser tensioners are all part of a semi-submersible and drill ships inventory. These assets may require upgrades to remain in touch with technological advances and demands of modern-day drill programs.

Aroona Solutions has the expertise to accommodate for maintaining, improving processes or upgrading well control equipment and their associated systems. This is executed in conjunction with OEM and class to ensure a clients quality assurance is adhered to.

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