Logistics, Marine and Ship Agency Services



We provide integrated project logistics solutions.

  • Air and sea charter service: Full / part charter parties (air charters, time / voyage charters) worldwide.

  • Multi-modal transport (rail, tug & barge, heavy lift).

  • Computer aided loading plans.

  • Site survey and feasibility studies.



We provide total supply chain solutions to the metal concentrates industry. 

  • Storage and logistics: Wharf side facility at Johor Port, discharging / loading, trans-shipment handling, bulk cargo handling and weighing.

  • Blending: Dedicated team and equipment for the blending of metal concentrates. 

  • Additional services: Tamping, crushing, homogenising, watering. 

  • Vessel chartering: Specialized in vessel charters, ocean freight services, global network. 



We provide total supply chain solutions to the Explosive Industry.


  • Class 1 hazmat cargo: International door to door solutions for dangerous goods cargo. 

  • Documents and permits: Specialized in dangerous goods clearance and customs handling. 

  • Bunker facility: Dedicated bunker facility in Malaysia for class 1 hazmat cargo. 

  • Disposal services: disposal of explosives following all compliance and statutory requirements. 

  • Charter services: Special charter services for transportation of explosive globally. 



  • Warehousing in free zones: Free zones pave the way for a wide range of products and services to be permitted into the country without any payment of customs duties.

  • Warehousing services: Ground transportation, air / ocean freight, OOG logistics, support services, warehousing, value added services, customs clearance cross-border.

  • Transloading services: Our transload solutions take your containers that have made their way across the ocean or another form of transit and loads them straight onto an alternate transport unit without the need for storage. 



We provide total supply chain solutions to the Aerospace Industry. 


  • Global freight network: International air and sea freight services-door to door solutions. 

  • Logistics Services: 24-Hour AOG services, customs documentation, and air charter. 

  • Full air ride trailers: Full air ride suspension trucking specialist - aircraft engine.



We provide complete management services for military facilities and Navy vessel port calls across various ports in South East Asia.

  • Contract management and procurement support.

  • Navy support services (crew transfer, waste/sludge disposal and clearances).

  • Rental of barges, tugs, fenders, cranes, skylights, generators, and compressors etc.). 

  • Fuel services (aviation F34, Jet A1 and MGO bunkering)

  • Provisions and ships supply. 

  • Explosive ordnance supply, transportation, handling, storage and disposal. 

  • Base and camp management.

  • Facility management and maintenance.



We provide a complete solution for ship agency, husbandry, marine and bunker services across major ports in Asia Pacific Region.

  • Husbandry services: Meet & greet, assistance with baggage claims, hotel bookings, shore passes, transportation and offshore transfers, visas, permits, medical assistance, cash to Master etc.

  • Agency services: Ship clearance, crew change, customs clearance etc. 

  • Bunker services: Supplies of bunker fuels, lubricants, and chemicals.

  • Supply services: Supply of Fresh water, stores, provisions, and chandlery. 

  • Marine services: Tug and barge, OSV, crew boat, LCT rental and hull cleaning services. 

  • Ship layup services: Cold and warm stacking, preservation, reactivation, rental of power packs and dehumidifiers etc. 

JU Rig stacking.jpg


We provide a wide range of solutions for cold and warm stacking of assets.

  • Shipcare services for cold & warm stacking.

  • Preservation and reactivation packages. 

  • Team of experts with wide range of knowledge and expertise on the layup services. 

  • Wide range of clientele including rig and ship owners.

  • Experience of more than 15 years in handling multi-billion dollars assets on layup.

  • Rental of dehumidifiers, powerpacks and air compressors.

  • Services well acknowledged by leading industry experts. 

  • Marine services to complement layup setup – rental of crew boats, landing crafts, MGO bunkering 

  • Locations for layup both at anchorage and alongside:

Malaysia: Labuan, Brunei Bay, Kemaman, Johor, Malacca.

Indonesia: Balikpapan, Surabaya and Batam 

Norway: Haugesund 

Spain: Las Palmas 

Trinidad & Tobago: Port of Spain 



We offer complete jetty management solutions.

  • Channel monitoring and navigation aids maintenance.

  • Operations and maintenance of equipment loading.

  • Pilotage and tuggage services at coal and limestone jetty.

  • Coal discharging process from vessel to hopper, and jetty and hatch cover cleaning from spillage cargo, among others.

  • Stevedoring and cleaning services.

  • Trans-shipment.



We supply a comprehensive range of ship spares, marine and oil and gas products to the Asia-Pacific, European and Middle East regions. In addition to the marine, shipping and oil and gas industry, we have expanded our customer base to include clients within military and humanitarian logistics sectors. 

We have been involved in the distribution of a wide range of equipment and spares, including provision of support services. The products we distribute range from:  

  • Drilling equipment and spares.

  • Drilling consumables and handling tools.

  • General hardware.

  • IT equipment.

  • Facility management supplies.

  • Office equipment.

  • Safety equipment.

  • Production equipment & accessories.

  • Pipeline product.

  • Meters & Gauges.

  • Special steel products.

  • Lubes, chemicals, grease, and fluids.

  • Complex technical equipment.