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Aroona Solutions works closely with each client to assess the scope of each reactivation in order to meet the required standards.


  • Equipment condition assessments

  • Region specific rules and regulations considered with work pack development

  • All MODU equipment can be catered for

  • Services can be provided to support individual work scopes if the reactivation is managed by the client

Reactivations of vessels has seen a spike in demand across the industry. During recent years MODU’s being contracted globally was significantly reduced and in many cases these vessels were either “Warm” or “Cold” stacked whilst they were not contracted. Due to this the class of many vessels have expired.

During a “Warm Stacking” period a vessel is normally manned by core crew members to continue to both operate and maintain the assets onboard.

On the other hand, during a “Cold Stacking” a vessel is not manned by operating personnel. In many cases this has been significantly detrimental to the assets operability and ultimately the assets life.

As it is with SPS, Aroona Solutions' goal is to reduce both time and the SPS costs associated with getting vessels back on contract. Working closely with class, OEM’s and third-party alternatives, the SPS can be tailored to each clients situation. This is achieved through the management of milestones and incorporating onshore workshop support and services.

Aroona Solutions can acquire capital spare assets to assist with the projected delivery times.

Aroona Solutions has been involved in numerous successful MODU reactivations, details can be provided on request.

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